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About This Weather Station

Observations are powered by a Personal Weather Station

This is a custom weather station of my design.

The rain sensor is a Davis 6463 and the Wind sensor is a Davis 6410. Both of these sensors are normally used on the Davis Vantage Pro commercial weather station. The controller board that gathers all weather data is a custom design that uses a Raspberry Pi 2 and a custom PCB that snaps onto the Pi's GPIO header for all communication between the sensor and the Pi. The custom PCB uses an Arduino 1284p, Adafruit HTU21D-F(Temperature & Humidity Sensor), Adafruit MPL3115A2(Temperature & Humidity Sensor), DS18B20(Digital Temperature Sensor) and various other supporting components.

The indoor environmental sensor board is of my custom design, both hardware and software. The sensor board provides temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. I have two of the board inside my house. The board uses a BME280 for the sensor and an ESP8266 for the processing and Wifi communication. There is a TPL5110 that is used an external timer to act as a power management processor. With this the board will run for 6 months on one charge of the battery.

The weather display is a Raspberry Pi 2 mounted behind a 7" LCD touch screen display. The display runs a custom application that shows the current weather conditions, forecast, and radar image. The application is written using the wxWidgets UI framework.

All the code is of my custom design and written completely in C++.

Weather Station Controller Board

Wind & Rain Sensors

Indoor Environmental Sensor Board

Weather Display

Weather Forecast

Radar Map